In addition to Dr. Grimmett’s practice at Main Street Physiotherapy, he is pleased to announce that he has set up a private practice at the Vancouver Racquets Club (4867 Ontario Street @ 33rd). The Vancouver Racquets Club's convenient location is only one block off Main street between Queen Elizabeth Park and Nat Bailey Stadium.

Dr. Grimmett continues to practice hands-on chiropractic and to offer mobile chiropractic. He welcomes new and existing clients alike.

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What my clients have to say

Dr. Grimmett, has been a valuable resource for me. He has helped with the recovery and healing of various injuries over the years. Not only does he treat the specific injury but he also provides techniques and exercises to improve and strengthen the injured or weak area of my body. His passion for his work is infectious. I appreciate that Dr. Grimmett is up to date with the latest developments and the latest techniques that are applicable to his work in Active Release. He has an excellent approach to chiropractic!

Erik Patient and Athlete

Dr. Grimmett has a professional, calming and empathetic demeanour. He has a thorough understanding of anatomy and possesses excellent assessment skills. I confidently refer my patients to him.

Denise Drisdelle Patient and RMT

I have suffered from 2 herniated discs in my lumbar area for over a decade, and I have been crippled by them on numerous occasions. Typically it takes 3-4 weeks to fully recover, but under the care of Dr. James Grimmett I was able to be back in the gym and training martial arts within a week. The most amazing aspect of the treatment was Dr. Grimmett's use of neuromuscular physiology and developmental neurology to help me control and relieve the symptoms within a few sessions. No drugs, only a few alignments, and an intelligently designed exercise plan, accomplished what years of abdominal exercises, stretching and back hyperextensions could not. He helped me identify the root causes for my lumbar issues, and succinctly explained, relying on sound medical and scientific evidence, the adequate course of action. I have been involved in biomedical research for over 15 years, I would highly recommend Dr. Grimmett to anyone who is truly serious about learning how to heal naturally. He is an outstanding clinician and scientist.

Ismael Samudio, Ph.D. Immunotherapy scientist